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Five Reasons to Sell Your Home During Fall

Fall not only brings out the slow cookers, sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes, it also brings a slower real estate market. But that does not have to mean doom if you are looking to sell your home!

Here are five reasons to sell your home during fall.

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1. Curb Appeal

Depending on where you live, the fall season can be the prettiest of them all. In Western North Carolina, fall brings a spectacular array of colors when the leaves change, making for perfect photo opportunities.

While your home may be picturesque year around, including the beautiful fall leaves in your listing photos is a great way to advertise the natural beauty Western North Carolina has to offer.

People travel from all over the world to spend time in the mountains during the fall color change, so showcasing the fall in your listing will definitely catch the eye of buyers who appreciate getting to live here through the entire season.

Throw some pumpkins on your porch, strategically place some potted seasonal plants around the property, hire a realtor, have your house professionally photographed, and get your listing on the market during the most colorful time of the year!

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2. Less Competition

There are still plenty of great homes for sale during the fall, but many of them are the houses left from the busy summer season, so buyers have likely already considered them.

Fall is known to be the start of the slow season in real estate, so less people take the leap and list their home going into fall and winter, so your listing is more likely to stand out in the crowd.

Buyers who are looking in the fall are usually in the market because they could not find the perfect house during the busy summer season. This means they have likely seen everything the summer had to offer. You won't be competing with all the homes they couldn't settle on, but you will be bringing a new perspective to their search. Your beautiful new listing with the colorful autumn curb appeal will be a breath of fresh air to the hopeless buyer.

Selling in summer is the norm. Be a trend setter, and get all the attention for yourself.

3. Eager Buyers

Buyers want to settle their major financial decisions before the holidays kick into high gear, and especially before the new year. It is hard enough to deal with making a big life decision in general, so adding in the stress of holiday plans, family visits and seasonal volunteer events can really take its toll. Buyers want to avoid this experience by finding a home as soon as possible, and many of them have already been searching for quite a while.

Give the people what they want— a gorgeous house and the relief of signing the paperwork before the bank account gets hit by the holiday madness.

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4. Setting the Mood is Easy

Fall brings cooler weather and crunchy leaves, which immediately puts people in the mood for crackling fireplaces, cinnamon scented candles, warm cookies and pumpkin spice everything. Your choices for making your home feel like, well, a home, are endless.

If you have a fireplace, this is a great time to give your home a cozy touch by lighting a fire for your open house, or even stacking some wood near the house for an added seasonal touch.

Have a showing scheduled?

Bake some cookies and leave them on a tray for the buyers to enjoy. It is nearly impossible to smell baked goods and be in a bad mood.

Light seasonal candles. If you don't want to light candles while you are out of the house, buy some seasonally scented plug-ins.

Place pumpkins or gourds on the porch or near the front walkway.

Maybe even leave a few leaves in the yard instead of raking them all up.

5. The Kids are Busy

Summertime can be a struggle for open houses and showings when your kids are home from school every day.

If you list during the fall, this becomes a non-issue.

When you factor in the hours that the kids are at school, then add in the hours they spend participating in various after school clubs, sports practices and art activities, there is a very generous window of availability for showings and open houses.

An added bonus to the kids being home less often is the house is easier to keep clean and ready for showings. Having a sparkling clean house is essential to making a good impression on buyers.

People want to feel like your home could be their home, so make it feel like a place they can be happy and comfortable.

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In conclusion...

The start of the cold season does not have to mean waiting to sell your home. People love fall, and buyers need houses.

Take advantage of all the wonders of fall, and get your house on the market today.

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